JCS Lined Piping Products make the finest PTFE fitting liner in the world.  PTFE is one of the best all
around linings for harsh chemicals.  It will operate in temperatures from -20 F to 450 F.  Our liners
have all been carefully designed to withstand full vacuum at these temperatures as well.  

       Each liner is carefully inspected  to guarantee a safe and reliable end product.  The liners
conform to ASTM F1545 minimum wall thickness and specifications.  They are processed in a clean,
controlled environment, to avoid contamination and stress.  Creating special liners is not a problem,  
we have made reducing crosses(2x2x2x1 or 2x1x2x1 or 2x1x1x1), and can also make tee liners with
three different outlets(2x11/2x1 for example).  These liners can save money because it reduces the
need for concentric reducers.
PTFE Liners
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