JCS Tool and Manufacturing Corporation was founded  in 1969, and is located in Essexville, Michigan.    
Several years after its inception, JCS began to expand its business with the addition of more machinery
and employees.   Today JCS has 30 employees and its core competency is the fabrication of pipe
fittings, lined and unlined for large industrial customers.  We are able to purchase up to date machinery,
and provide good benefits to our employees in order to stay competitive.

In 1974 JCS began making pipe fittings for what was then a large Chemical Company with a Plastic
Lined Piping division.  Eventually that division was sold to a competitor, who continued to purchase pipe
fittings from JCS.  That company eventually moved the Michigan plant out of state around 2002.  JCS
then purchased Flouro Products based out of Rhode Island, who for years sold PTFE liners to the same
large chemical company.  

Currently JCS resides on 3.5 acres of land, and has 60,000 square feet of buildings.  They have a wide
array of machinery which they continue to add to on a yearly basis.  

History Timeline
March 18, 1969         JCS Tool opens in a small garage
1970         Added on 30' x 30' building
1974         Increase floor size to 70' x 90', Began making Pipe Fittings
1980         Doubles floor space 70' x 180'
1985         Purchases out buildings totaling 6000 square feet
1998         New office, lunch room, and storage area 70' x70'
2001         Added on New building 90' x 150'
2002         Began making PTFE Lined Pipe and Fittings
2013        Added on new building 60' x 150'

Our Mission Statement

JCS Tool & Manufacturing Company offers solutions to specialized machining and fabricating
challenges through the use of innovative machinery and technology by our highly dedicated skilled
team.  We are committed to exceeding our customers quality and delivery demands.  It is the
Company's aim to improve the quality of life of our team members by providing challenging work,
reasonable paying positions and adhering to stringent safety standards
About Us
(989)892-8975                                 customerservice@jcstool.com