150# & 300# PTFE, PP and PVDF Lined Fittings
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CS Fitting Specs
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SS Fitting Specs
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90 Degree Elbows
45 Degree Elbows
Reducing Tees
Inst Tees
Concentric Reducers
Reducing Filler Flanges
Short Stack Crosses
Short Stack Tees
Ring Spacers(Full Face and Standard)
Distance Spools
Solid Plastic
Spacers(Full Face
and Standard)
JCS Lined Piping Products currently manufactures 150# and 300# PTFE, PP and PVDF Lined Pipe &
fittings up thru 12 inch sizes.  Look below to view our product line which we are always expanding.  We
are also interested in parts with non-standard dimensions or specials.   

Our 90 fittings have no stress on the PTFE liner in them because it is molded to fit the body.  Many
producers of these parts use straight pipe and force the liner to bend.  Other companies make the liner
inside the fitting.  This however causes a gap between the metal housing and the liner, reducing its
strength and vacuum rating.  
Reducing Run Tees
Reducing 90's
Scalloped Reducing Filler Flanges
Pipe Spools
Straight Bore Filler Flanges
Liner Thickness Chart
1" - 12" flange Dimensions
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